Our process

Unlike traditional partners, we take responsibility for what we design and manufacture by taking the unique approach of carrying your projects through from ideation to finished products and amortising costs across supply.

In short. We succeed together.

To do this and deliver true end-to-end innovation, we design in Scotland and manufacture in Malta. This is no incident.

Who do we work with?

Large multi-national global businesses

Established businesses focussed on delivering the day to day can find innovative new products and solutions a distraction. From experience we have seen great opportunities left on desks and competitive edges to remain on top lost because the processes do not fit the culture of the business.

Working with these businesses we take away the challenges and produce working solutions and manage all of the things in the middle so that from a procurement perspective, you’re simply purchasing an end product – the right product designed for your opportunity.

This means no commitment to hiring a new team, no ‘solving on the job’ and no more dead ends such as amazing sketches that won’t work in the real world or parts that don’t meet the requirements.

Ambitious start-ups and SMEs

We know first hand how daunting launching a new product can be and have the battle scars to help guide those unsure through the rough waters. No only will we help guide you through the challenges of design and manufacturing but support the commercial aspect of producing batches to entice investors or meet board approval.

Our core offering helps remove a lot of the risk for these businesses by taking on the design, technical drawings, sourcing, quality control, testing, designing out cost that even for the simplest of products, we can save considerable cost and time compared with traditional methods.

After working closely with each other on a large international project,  award winning design consultancy 4c and responsible plastics manufacturer MCL realised that a new, better service could be offered to various types of businesses to reduce risk, speed up time to market and reduce costs.